Ultima Online Protocol :: Edit
Packet # Packet Name Length Client Server Obsolete
0x0A Edit 0x000B X
Data Type Description
byte 0x0A The packet number.
byte Command The command being sent.

  • 0x0004 - Add New Dynamic Item
  • 0x0006 - Hackmove Request
  • 0x0007 - Add New NPC
  • 0x000A - Add New Static Item
ushort X The new object's x-axis position.

If Command is HackMove Request, this will be a boolean value (still 16-bit) representing the requested mode.
ushort Y The new object's y-axis position.
ushort ItemID The new object's id. If Command is Add New NPC, this is the template number.
byte Z The new object's z-axis position.
ushort Extra Extra data.

Packet Description:
This packet is used by the god client to perform various tasks, most of them related to adding things.