Ultima Online Protocol :: Mobile Stats
Packet # Packet Name Length Client Server Obsolete
0x11 Mobile Stats dynamic X X
Data Type Description
byte 0x11 The packet number.
ushort Size The size of the packet.
uint Serial The character's serial.
char[30] Name The character's name.
ushort CurrentHP The character's current amount of hit points.
ushort MaximumHP The character's maximum amount of hit points.
byte flagName
  • 0x00 - Normal
  • 0xFF - The user can set the character's name.
byte flagDisplay
  • 0x01 - Normal
  • 0x02 - Display Stat Cap
  • 0x03 - Display Stat Cap and Followers.
  • 0x04 - Display Stat Cap, Followers, and Resistances
byte Gender
  • 0x00 - Male
  • 0x01 - Female
ushort Strength The character's Strength.
ushort Dexterity The character's Dexterity.
ushort Intelligence The character's Intelligence.
ushort currentStamina The character's current Stamina.
ushort maximumStamina The character's maximum Stamina.
ushort currentMana The character's current Mana.
ushort maximumMana The character's maximum Mana.
uint Gold How much gold the character is currently carrying.
ushort resistPhysical The character's physical resistance value (old clients: AC).
ushort Weight The character's current weight value.
ushort StatCap The character's total allowable sum of Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity.
byte currentFollowers The number of "Follower Slots" that are currently being used.
byte maximumFollowers The maximum number of "Follower Slots" the character has available.
ushort resistFire The character's resistance to fire.
ushort resistCold The character's resistance to cold.
ushort resistPoison The character's resistance to poison.
ushort resistEnergy The character's resistance to energy.
ushort Luck The character's Luck value.
ushort minDamage The minimum amount of damage the character can deal.
ushort maxDamage The maximum amount of damage the character can deal.
ushort TithingPoints The character's current amount of Tithing points.

Packet Description:
Sends data containing information about various character stats that are displayed in the Status window.