Ultima Online Protocol :: Teleport
Packet # Packet Name Length Client Server Obsolete
0x20 Teleport 0x0013 X X
Data Type Description
byte 0x20 The packet number.
uint Serial The player's serial.
ushort Body The player's body number.
byte 0x00 Unknown.
ushort Hue The player's hue.
byte Status The player's status (C#|VB7).
ushort X The player's X-axis position.
ushort Y The player's Y-axis position.
ushort 0x0000 Unknown.
byte Direction The player's direction (C#|VB7).
sbyte Z The player's Z-axis position.

Packet Description:
This is sent to teleport the player. This packet should only be used with the player that it is sent to.