Ultima Online Protocol :: Versions
Packet # Packet Name Length Client Server Obsolete
0x3E Versions 0x0025 ?
Data Type Description
byte 0x3E The packet number.
uint ver_1 Unknown.
uint ver_2 Unknown.
uint ver_3 Unknown.
uint ver_4 Unknown.
uint ver_5 Unknown.
uint ver_6 Unknown.
uint ver_7 Unknown.
uint ver_8 Unknown.
uint ver_9 Unknown.

Packet Description:
My current theory for this packet is that it has to do with the versioning of edited mul files when groups of worldbuilders login and edit the world together. Reason: There are nine mul-editing packets sent by the server, and any good worldbuilding server would use versioning to track each client's status. Of course, I could be wrong.