Ultima Online Protocol :: Weather Change
Packet # Packet Name Length Client Server Obsolete
0x65 Weather Change 0x0004 X X
Data Type Description
byte 0x65 The packet number.
byte Type The type of weather.

  • 0x00 - It starts to rain.
  • 0x01 - A fierce storm approaches.
  • 0x02 - It begins to snow.
  • 0x03 - A fierce storm is brewing.
  • 0xFF - End weather effects.
byte Effects The number of particles to display on the screen. The maximum is seventy.
byte Temperature The current temperature. Use is unknown.

Packet Description:
The is sent by the client after the user picks a character to login with.

To display snow and rain, send a rain packet first and then send a snow packet with the number of effects
equal to the number sent in the rain packet plus the number of snow effects to add.

Weather ends after six minutes.