Ultima Online Protocol :: Text Unicode
Packet # Packet Name Length Client Server Obsolete
0xAE Text Unicode dynamic X X
Data Type Description
byte 0xAE The packet number.
ushort Size The size of the packet.
uint Serial The serial of the character that is talking. 0xFFFFFFFF is used for system.
uint Body The body number of the character that is talking. 0xFFFF is used for system.
byte Mode The speech mode.
  • 0x00 - Regular
  • 0x01 - Broadcast
  • 0x02 - Emote
  • 0x06 - System
  • 0x07 - Message
  • 0x08 - Whisper
  • 0x09 - Yell
ushort Hue The hue of the message.
ushort Font The font number.
char[4] Language The client's language preference.
char[30] Name The name of the character that is talking.
uni[] Text The message to send.
short 0x0000 Null terminator for Text.

Packet Description:
This is sent to tell the client that someone is talking.