Ultima Online Protocol :: Features
Packet # Packet Name Length Client Server Obsolete
0xB9 Features 0x0003 X X
Data Type Description
byte 0xB9 The packet number.
ushort Flags Features to enable:

0x0000 - None
0x0001 - Chat
0x0002 - LBR Animations
0x0004 - Unknown
0x0008 - Unknown2
0x0010 - Create Paladin/Necromancer
0x0020 - Sixth Character Slot

0x8000 - More Features
        - This flag must be present to enable Age of Shadows features or the Sixth Character Slot.

Packet Description:
This packet enables various client-side features, and should be sent before the Character List packet.

Note that in order to create a Paladin or Necromancer or use the sixth character slot, the corresponding
flags in the Character List packet must be set.