Ultima Online Protocol :: Global Queue
Packet # Packet Name Length Client Server Obsolete
0xC3 Global Queue dynamic X X
Data Type Description
byte 0xC3 The packet number.
ushort Size The size of the packet.
uint 0x00000000 Unknown
uint callSerial The serial of the call.
uint Customer The caller's Customer serial.
uint Customer2 The caller's Customer serial (this one's in parentheses).
uint Caller The serial of the character who made the call.
ushort 0x0000 Unknown
ushort LengthOfName The length of the server name that the call was made on.
char[] Server An array of characters containing the name of the server on which the call was made.
uint callTime The time the call was placed, or maybe how long they've been waiting?
ushort Facet The facet (C#|VB7) the call was made on.
uint X The character's X-position at the time the call was placed.
uint Y The character's Y-position at the time the call was placed.
uint Z The character's Z-position at the time the call was placed.
uint Volume ???
uint Rank ???
uint 0xFFFFFFFF Unknown
uint CallType The type of call (C#|VB7) that was placed.
byte 0x00 Unknown
char[3] Language The caller's language.
ushort Length The length of the description the caller gave.
uni[] Reason The reason for the call.

Packet Description:
This packet is used to display a built-in menu that lists information about a Counselor/GM call.

When the menu is right-clicked, the user is provided with various ways to handle the call.
If the user is using a regular 2D client, Counselor commands will be provided.
If the user is using a God Client, GM commands will be provided.

The 3D client does not support this packet.