Ultima Online Protocol :: Custom House
Packet # Packet Name Length Client Server Obsolete
0xD8 Custom House dynamic X X
Data Type Description
byte 0xD8 The packet number.
ushort Size The size of the packet.
ushort Method A number representing the compression method used by the packet. Setting this to 0x0000 will indicate that the packet is not compressed.
uint Serial The serial of the house.
ushort 0x0000 Unknown
ushort 0x0000 Unknown
ushort Components The number of items that make up the design.
ushort dataSize The size of the data that contains component information. Normally this is derived by multiplying Components by five.
    ushort Artwork
    byte X
    byte Y
    byte Z
This loop contains the information below for each item that makes up the design of the house.

Artwork: The object's tile ID.
X: The object's X-position relative to the center of the house.
Y: The object's Y-position relative to the center of the house.
Z: The object's Z-position relative to the center of the house.

Packet Description:
This packet is sent by the server to display a house that has been customized.